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Cheiron 4 Clinics provides client and appointment management for clinics, practices and saloons.

Cheiron 4 Clinics was developed inconjunction with Malcolm Donley Associates (MDA) Ltd who provided the core user functionality.   KAMMS IT built the system using our own software framework which provides a secure platform and consistent user interface making it easy to develop and enhance to meet current and future customer needs.

Listed below is brief snapshot of Cheiron 4 Clinics functionality: -

  • Patient Maintenance - Patient Maintenance captures full personal details as required for each patient.  Marketing details can be captured for analysis as well as provider details when it is an insurance claim.  Each patient record can capture full appointment history, general notes, financial details and letters sent.
  • Practitioner Maintenance - Practitioner Maintenance provides functionality to configure the hours each practitioner is available, their appointment types, holidays, time off, over-time and room allocations.
  • Invoicing - After an appointment the system provides the ability to create an invoice.  During the invoicing process you can also add predefined items that you sell.
  • Today - Today provides a quick view and access to appointments.  Two modes are available either list of current appointments or room view which shows all appointments by room.  The room view shows which practitioners are allocated to which consultation room.  The Today function provides immediate access to all key functions, such as invoicing, receipt creation, cancel appointments etc., making it quick and easy to use when dealing with patients on the telephone on at your reception.
  • Company Details - Company details provides maintenance to your company address and default settings which are used on printouts.
  • Clinic Maintenance - Clinic maintenance provides the ability to configure as many clinics on the system as required.  Each one can capture the address and contact details.
  • Consultation Room Maintenance - The system provides the capability to manage appointments in multiple consultation rooms.
  • Practice Maintenance - Practice maintenance allows medical centres to be configured and then to them link patients and General Practitioners.
  • General Practitioner Maintenance - GP maintenance is used to configure GPs and link to patients and practices.
  • Provider Maintenance - Provider maintenance is available to configure providers who pay for the patients appointments.
  • Marketing Sources - Marketing sources are provided for marketing analysis.  You can determine who successful your marketing is and where best to invest your marketing time and money.
  • Appointment Types - Appointment types can be pre-defined with a description, colour, a time slot length and fee.
  • Invoice Items - Invoice items can be pre-defined with a description and sales price.
  • Appointment Management - An easy to use appointment screen which clearly shows each timeslot used and available.  Like the Today screen the system can work in normal sequential day mode or multiple room booking mode per day.  The timeslots are configurable when the system is first setup and then appointments are multiples of the timeslots.  Appointments can be created, confirmed, moved or cancelled.  Using predefined appointment types makes it very easy to create an appointment with appropriate length of time.  Once the appointment is created a confirmation can be printed or emailed to the patient.
  • Standard Letters - Standard letters can be created on the system which can printed for one or more patients at the same time.  If selected the system can also record the fact the letter was sent.
  • Secure Logon - A secure user manager is provided to create new users.
  • Functionality Access Control - Access to all key functions can configured via user groups.  A user group can have one or more users linked to it.  This allows users that perform the same function can have the same access rights.
  • Customisable Reporting Engine - All reports can be customised via an in built search engine.  Also customer specific templates can be created to redefine report layouts.
  • Context Sensitive Help - Help is available via the "F1" key when a window is open.


For more details or a demo please contact us.