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Safety Control provides management of key administration tasks for all types of businesses.  Safety Control links together a large number of functions that are generally found in separate applications.  Most of these administration functions share a core set of data, such as employees, customers, suppliers, projects codes etc.  Sharing this common data and combining it with a secure multi-user platform makes it easier to perform these tasks and make this key information available across your organisation.

Safety Control is ideally suited to engineering and manufacturing environments, but could be used by many businesses as it is very easy to enhance.  Any function that is currently being managed via a spreadsheet, but needs to have multiple user and secure access can be added to Safety Control easily and quickly.

Safety Control was built using KAMMS ITs software framework which provides a secure platform and consistent user interface making it easy to develop and enhance to meet current and future customer needs.

Listed below is brief snapshot of Safety Control functionality: -

  • Customer Maintenance - Create as many customer records as required.  List multiple contacts and addresses against each customer record.
  • Supplier Maintenance - Create as many supplier records as required.  List multiple contacts and addresses against each supplier record.
  • Project Maintenance - Allows for definable project codes.  A unique code and description can be entered and then linked to various record types across the system.
  • Department Maintenance - Departments can be created based on your company structure.
  • Employee Maintenance - Employee maintenance provides functionality to store all the details of an employee, contractor or visitor.  A picture and scanned image of a signature can be stored in the database for record.
  • Skills Matrix Management - Skills Matrix functionality can allow you to create multiple skills matrixes.  Using the employee list previously entered plus a list of definable operations and keys you can create a skills matrix which can be provided to your customers.  They can then easily be updated as required and emailed to your customers on demand.
  • Course Manager - Course Manager provides functionality to administer training courses, inductions and assessments.  It can email notifications, produce attendance lists, create course certificates etc.  The Course Manager can also be used to automatically update the Competency Manager keeping employee records up to date.
  • Competency Manager - Competency Manager provides the capability to record work history, competencies, training, assessments, inductions, medical records, equipment allocations, healthy and safety and personal development records against specific employees.  It can be used to control expiry dates and email out reminders accordingly.  Documents and certificates can be linked to the system for easy retrieval.  This information can be used to create output to send to your customers as and when required in the appropriate layout (This is customisable).  An online web front end is available to allow customers to access specific competency details live and securely.
  • Accident / Incident Report Manager - Accident Report Manager can log all accidents and incidents.  Extensive details can be captured for immediate and future analysis.  Witness statements can be captured and documentation pertaining to the accident can be linked to the accident record for easy retrieval.
  • Corrective Action Manager - Corrective Actions can be linked to audits, accident reports, customers and projects.  A Corrective Action is used to manage and monitor business issues that require rectification.  These issues can be raised due to an audit, an accident/incident, request from a customer etc.  The system monitors the Corrective Action and can email prompts to the owner of the action as a reminder.
  • Risk Assessment Manager - Risk Assessments can be logged, monitored, managed and reported on through the system.  All appropriate documentation can be linked to the Risk Assessment record.  The system can be configured to email reminders to ensure the Risk Assessments are completed on time.
  • Audit Manager - Audit Manager provides functionality to perform internal, external and supplier audits administration.  It manages the remit definition, attendees, audit team, standard supplier audit questions, audit clauses meet, observations raised, recommendations, findings and summary.  Corrective actions can be raised and linked to the audit, so they are included in the final audit report which can emailed direct from the system.
  • Appraisal Manager - Appraisal Manager provides the ability to record staff performances, objectives and achiements.  It can be configured for reminders and reviews during the year.
  • Transmission Manager - Transmission Manager is used to log items sent, emailed, faxed, posted etc.  You can transmit them directly from the system if electronic.  One or more items can be sent to multiple email addresses requesting confirmation of receipt.
  • Change Request Manager - Change Request Manager provides the capability to manage and monitor change requests prior to them becoming a drawing change request.
  • Document Manager - Document Manager can store documents against contractors, companies and agencies to allow them to be located quickly.  These can either be connected via a hyperlink or a complete copy can be stored in the system.
  • Task Manager - Task Manager provides functionality to log tasks against one or more users.  A task record can also be linked to internal records such as contractor, agency etc., to enable them to be found easily and quickly.  Timed reminders can be setup to prompt users.  The system can notify users via popup messages or email.
  • Secure Logon - A secure user manager is provided to create new users.  Users can be notified when a new change request has been raised.  All the appropriate documentation can be linked to the change request record.
  • Functionality Access Control - Access to all key functions can configured via user groups.  A user group can have one or more users linked to it.  This allows users that perform the same function can have the same access rights.
  • Customisable Reporting Engine - All reports can be customised via an in built search engine.  Also customer specific templates can be created to redefine report layouts.
  • Knowledge Base Tool - Knowledge base is a tool that provides functionality for storing general information that is useful to the business and needs to be readily available to all users.
  • Business Manuals Tool - Business Manuals is a tool for linking business procedures and processes to the system making them centrally available and easily accessible.  Ideal for businesses that have to adhere to standards, such as BSI.
  • Context Sensitive Help - Help is available via the "F1" key when a window is open (Under construction).


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