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Web Control provides online web access to some of the Business Control Suite and Safety Control functionality.  Web Control is a secure user friendly interface to the core database, remotely allowing key functions to be available offsite by you or your customers.

Web Control was built using KAMMS ITs software framework which provides a secure platform and consistent user interface making it easy to develop and enhance to meet current and future customer needs.

Listed below is brief snapshot of Web Control functionality: -

  • Audit Questions - Auditing suppliers relys on preset questions being answered.  The response to these questions can be updated online remotely providing internet access is available.
  • Competencies - Customers can securely access preconfigured employees competencies online.
  • Corrective Actions - Corrective actions can be responded to online whether offsite or locally.
  • Issues - Issues can be created and updated online.
  • Documents - Documents can made accessible online.
  • Business Manuals - Business Manuals are made available online via a secure logon.


For more details or a demo please contact us.