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All products have been developed using the KAMMS IT programming framework.  This provides an environment that produces applications with a consistent user interface, full access control security with secure logon and customisable reporting engine.  The framework allows new functionality and modules to be created quickly ensuring all products can be adapted to support our customers changing requirements.


Umbrella Control

Umbrella Control provides payroll management for Umbrella companies.  Umbrella Control can be used by conventional umbrella companies or by financial companies providing these facilities via multiple limited companies.  Umbrella Control functionality includes Multiple Charging Schemes, Multiple Company Maintenance, Agency Maintenance, Contractor Maintenance, Easy Find Contractor Tool, Hours and Expenses Capture, Document Manager, Task Manager, Agent Invoicing and Credit Notes, Payment Reconciliation and Data Export to payroll solutions.  Goto Umbrella Control


Business Control Suite

The Business Control Suite provides management functionality for Engineering, Manufacturing and Retail businesses.  The functionality included are Stock Control, Drawing Register, Purchase Ordering, Job (Sales Order) Management, Shop Floor Data Collection, Estimating, Quoting, Delivery Notes, Invoicing, Capacity Planning, Task manager, Document Manager, Calibration Manager, Serialisation Manager and many more.  Goto Business Control Suite


Safety Control

Safety Control provides management of administration tasks for all types of businesses.  Safety Control links together a large number of functions that are generally found in separate applications.  Most of the functions share core data, so it saves on recreating that same data multiple times.  The functionality currently includes Task Manager, Transmission Manager, Document Manager, Corrective Action Manager, Risk Assessment Manager, Change Request Manager, Competency Manager, Accident / Incident Reporting Manager, Audit Manager, Customer Maintenance, Supplier Maintenance, Employee Maintenance and Skills Matrix Management.  Safety Controls functionality is regularly growing, so contact us for the latest details.  Goto Safety Control


Web Control

Web Control provides online access to some of the Business Control Suite and Safety Control functionality.  Web Controls functionality includes Competencies, Business Manuals, Issue Manager, Audit Manager supplier questions, Document Manager and Corrective Action response to tasks.   Goto Web Control


Cheiron 4 Clinics

Cheiron 4 Clinics provides client and appointment management for clinics, practices and saloons.  Cheiron 4 Clinics functionality includes Patient Maintenance, Practitioner Maintenance, Appointment Management, Room Booking Management, Clinic Maintenance, GP Maintenance, Patient Invoicing,  Standard Letter Management and a Reporting suite.  Goto Cheiron 4 Clinics


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